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Troy Barter

Up Your Sales Game

Learn how to consistently earn more commission month-over-month with our proven sales skill development strategy.
No Level
10 Lectures
1-2 Weeks
Troy Barter

Intro To Tech Sales

Learn why Tech Sales is such a popular career, what to expect in the entry level role, and how to break into Tech Sales.
4 Lectures
0-1 week
Troy Barter

Full Sales Development Course

Learn everything you need to become a top performer in your first 6-12 months as a Sales Development Representative.
46 Lectures
4-12 weeks

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The best tech salespeople know that software is only as valuable as how much the end-user can get out of it. If it's easy to use and access, they'll use it more. If they use it more, they'll benefit more.

At we took this philosophy and applied it to our online course platform. Our courses are built on an easy-to-use clean interface that can be easily accessed on any device.