You Don't Need To Buy A Course To Break Into Tech Sales

You also don’t need shoes to run a race, but it helps. SalesOrg has partnered with CourseCareers to provide you with options that fit any budget.

"I don't need a course"

You don't need money for this option, just time and patience.




No Full SDR Training

No Lesson Plan Layout

No Course Exercises To Help You Learn

No Job Placement Assistance

No Charge

Full Sales Development Course




Full SDR Training

Full Lesson Plan Layout

Course Exercises To Help You Learn

Troy Barter As Your Trainer

No Job Placement Assistance

Technology Sales Course




$50 Off (Usually $499)

Full SDR Training SDR Course Included

Two 1-on-1 Coaching Calls With Troy Barter

World Class Job Placement Assistance

Students that enroll in CourseCareers’ Technology Sales course through our “Enroll Today” buttons on this page will receive…

Two FREE 30 Minute Coaching Sessions With Troy Barter

- You'll be able to schedule your first 30 minute coaching session as soon as you enroll in CourseCareers paid Tech Sales Course through the "Enroll Today" buttons on this page.

- You'll be able to schedule a 2nd 30 minute coaching session upon graduation of the course.

Free enrollment in our Full Sales Development Course

- You'll receive our Full Sales Development Course ($99 value) at no additional charge.