Hire Your Next Rockstar Sales Development Rep With

We provide better salespeople for less money because we know how difficult it can be to grow a company with razor-thin margins. With your company will be able to quickly scale your sales development team with better candidates without destroying your budget.

Traditional Hiring Costs

$4,425 Per Hire

  • Pay for job postings and ads long before ever making a hire.
  • There is no guarantee the hires made from job postings and ads will stick.
  • It takes 36 to 42 days to fill an average position in the United States.
  • Sales leaders often spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per qualified candidate before ever finding out how they sound on the phone, leaving them spending more time on unqualified candidates.
  • Nearly all candidates have no relevant sales development training, increasing the chance of early new hire turnover.
  • On average, it takes 12-16 weeks for a new SDR hire to become fully productive in their new role. Hiring Costs

$3,000 Per Hire

  • Only pay once you’ve made a hire.
  • If one of your hires leaves the company within the first 90 days, we’ll replace them for free.
  • Average time to fill the position is cut in half.
  • All candidates have a recorded sales pitch role play, enabling sales managers to improve bandwidth by only spending time on candidates that have proven phone skills.
  • All candidates have graduated from our full, comprehensive sales development training. They know what to expect when starting their career in tech sales as an SDR, which significantly increases the chances of them being a productive long-term addition to the sales team.
  • graduates become productive in their new role significantly faster than traditional hires.