How to expense courses

Your employer may already have an L&D (Learning & Development) or education budget that will cover your course costs. See below to learn the different ways you can get our courses expensed or reimbursed by your employer.

Ways to expense courses

Email Template

Need help crafting an email to your manager to get a course expensed? Simply copy and paste the email template below, replace the fields in green with the correct names, and send it to your manager for approval!

Hey {Manager's Name},

I found a sales course online called SDR Mindset Masterclass that I'd like to enroll in. The course covers the mindset, habits, and perspective shared by the world’s top salespeople. After doing some research on the course and the instructor I'm convinced this would help me improve my daily prospecting efforts.

Here’s some things the course covers that I think would help me develop as a salesperson:

· How to plan and prepare for your workday to create repeatable high-level results.
· How to build your reputation and personal brand as an SDR to raise AE meeting acceptance rate.
· How to consistently lead the board in dials and activity without burning out.

I’m confident I’ll be able to take what I learn in this course and immediately put it into practice, and after I finish the course I could share what I’ve learned with the team so everyone can benefit.

The course is $250, but it's currently on sale for $99. If you'd like, you can review the full course details at the link below:

Would I be able to expense the cost of this course through the company?


{Your Name}