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Live Sales Coaching

Up your sales game with a 30-minute live coaching session, or purchase a bundle of coaching sessions to really take your sales game to the next level.

Typical Coaching Topics

  • Interview Preparation
  • Sales Call Role Play & Breakdown/Tips
  • Mock Interview & Breakdown/Tips
  • And more!

Sales Team Training

Our sales team training package will help takeĀ  your sales team from good to great.

  • Select Pre-Existing training modules/videos from our sales courses.
  • Select a few company-specific modules that we will build for your organization.
  • Live trainings to help reinforce the training modules you selected.

Guest Speaking

Need help motivating your sales organization? Looking to raise the performance of your salespeople? Book a virtual sales meeting with Troy Barter where he’ll get your team fired up and ready to crush their existing records.

  • One 15 minute prep session with Troy where he can learn about your sales team so he can craft the perfect meeting to raise their performance.
  • One virtual sales meeting ran by Troy Barter.