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-Troy Barter


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Sales People vs Sales Professionals

There is a huge difference between ordinary salespeople and true sales professionals. Your outlook, mindset, and the work habits you create will determine which one you'll become. In this course you'll learn the difference between sales people and sales professionals, and how to put yourself on the right track to become a highly paid sales pro.


How to Build Your Personal SDR Brand

As an SDR, your reputation is everything. If you build a less-than-stellar reputation with your Account Executive(s), the chances of your opportunities being accepted and ultimately leading to closed/won revenue. In this course you'll learn how to build a world-class Personal SDR Brand that will raise your opportunity acceptance rate and closing percentage.


How to prepare Your SDR Workday

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and that is especially true in sales. In this course you'll learn how the top 1% of SDRs prepare and plan out their workday to ensure they consistently deliver outstanding results.


RVT: Result of Activity vs Time Spent on Activity

RVT is about learning to prioritize your daily activities based on the results they produce. Learning to calculate and leverage RVT can more than double your daily productivity without increasing your work hours.


"The Carpenter": Seeing The Bigger Picture For Your Sales Career

"The Carpenter" is a sales meeting I've been running for over 15 years, and is one of the most impactful speeches I have. The Carpenter Story teaches you that your actions as an SDR lay the foundation for your entire sales career. Every action, every activity, every inactivity impacts the sales professional you will become. In this course you'll learn how to see the bigger picture of your sales career and gain perspective on why the seemingly small habits you create in your workday are so important long-term.


Controllables vs Uncontrollables

Good SDRs are accountable. Great SDRs work to become more accountable to everything that effects their results. In this course you'll learn to take control of the things in your workday you may have thought were previously out of your control, and if you can control something you can impact positive change on it.


The 3 Types of SDRs

No one talks about this, but there are 3 types of SDRs... and only 1 sees success long term. In this course you'll learn about the 3 types of SDRs, what their habits and outlooks are, and how to ensure you become the type of SDR that is successful.


Inspiration vs Motivation

There is a huge difference between being inspired and being motivated. Both lead to taking action, but only one is a long-term solution. In this course you'll learn the difference between inspiration and motivation, how to find out what inspires and motivates you best, and how to put what you've learned into action.


How to Have and Maintain a Consistent Work Ethic

As an SDR, consistent work ethic can easily make up for a lack of skill and/or experience. In this course you'll learn how to create the habits that will lead to a consistently great work ethic.


How to Have and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Sales is a transference of emotion, and if you let an angry prospect effect your positive attitude that gets transferred to your next interaction with another prospect. In this course you'll learn the expert strategies used by the top SDRs in the world to have and maintain a positive attitude.


How to Have and Maintain a Student Mentality

If you aren't growing you're dying, and a strong student mentality ensures you are always constantly growing as a salesperson. In this course you'll learn how to become a student to the game, and maintain that student mentality to consistently improve your results month after month.


The Secret to Becoming a Power Dialer (Without Burning Out!)

Dialing the phone can be tough, and if you have a minimum daily target you want to hit it can seem impossible to deliver on it consistently without burning out. In this course you'll learn how to become a Power Dialer that outdials everyone else in the sales organization without ever burning out.