We're on a mission to help people start a career in Tech Sales. For free.

Why SalesOrg.io Was Founded...

Top-Performers Shouldn't Have To Struggle Financially

So many fantastic salespeople work in industries that don't pay them anything close to their actual worth. They struggle to make ends meet while crushing their quota, and we don't believe that is acceptable. They deserve more. We're on a mission to educate people on Tech Sales and provide them with the tools to land a job and become a top performer.

Some "Sales Bootcamps" Take Advantage of Good People

We're not naming names, and there are some other great options out there... but many other "Sales Bootcamps" charge their students over $10,000 to learn Tech Sales. We believe that charging people crazy fees at the very start of their career is one more barrier to entry for good people looking to better themselves, and that's why we help people learn Tech Sales without breaking the bank.

Sales Training Doesn't Have to Suck

Sales training doesn't have to be so boring! Other courses on the market have a habit of putting students to sleep with long, tedious lessons. We present the training you need to succeed in an exciting fashion, and we don't overload you with information that you don't need. Great training is measured by how well a trainee retains and applies the information they learned, and that's what we do best.

More About SalesOrg.io

SalesOrg.io was founded by Troy Barter, a sales leader with over 16 years of sales experience and nearly a decade of experience in Tech Sales. Before starting his career in Tech Sales, Troy was a top-performing salesperson at numerous low-paying sales jobs. When he first transitioned to a career in Tech Sales, he had to ask his boss when his first check would arrive because he didn’t have enough money for the gas to get to work.

Troy started in the same role we place graduates, as a Sales Development Representative. He quickly moved to the top of the leader board and moved to Account Executive, then Director of Sales, and eventually held the position of Vice President of Sales. Troy went from barely surviving to earning a life-changing income, but it took seven long years of financial hardship to get there.

Troy founded SalesOrg.io with the goal of educating salespeople on the opportunities Tech Sales can provide and giving them with the tools they’ll need to be a top-performer at an affordable price.

Troy Barter, CEO & Founder of SalesOrg.io